Learning A Bit More About The KLMS Agent


Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone brands. Before 2020 ended, Samsung has sold over 62 million smartphones worldwide. And amid COVID-19, the brand is expecting the number to go up on 2021’s end of year sales reports. This only means that more and more people prefer to use Samsung smartphones.

And Samsung users have noticed the KLMS Agent app on their devices. Some are not sure if it should be on their phone if it’s spyware or a virus. If you have the same dilemma, don’t worry because this article will walk you through everything that you need to know about the KLMS Agent.

Uses of the KLMS Agent

The KNOX app or KLMS Agent in Android phones has a number of hardware and software features. KNOX protects your data using a special hardware chip. It also offers network protection and keeps your device safe if you are using various network features. And most importantly, it allows a specialized user experience. It can hide notifications, extend the screen timeout, and even prevent the device to sleep if it’s plugged in.

KLMS Agent – Is It A Virus? A Spyware?

Some are afraid that the KLMS Agent app is actually a virus or spyware. But thankfully, it’s not. This is just a part of Samsung’s security framework. In fact, this is a very useful app that can help store the user’s confidential work on their device. This prevents unauthorized users to have access to it. Also, there’s no worry that it will spy on your data or sell your information to third-party buyers.

Understanding How KLMS Agent Works

The KLMS Agent is an application that is preinstalled in the Samsung smartphone system. It is only available in Samsung devices that use the Android Operating System. This app will only allow eligible and authorized users to use the system.

So what is it for? KLMS Agent provides real-time protection, user privacy, as well as enhanced productivity. This means that your device is safe from unauthorized users having access to it. The KLMS Agent is being run by the KNOX app. This is a system app that will greatly affect the functions of the CPU or RAM. It can also cause your battery to drain faster. So those users who have weaker battery power on their devices will have problems.

Removing KLMS Agent

Even if the KLMS Agent has benefits for most Samsung users, others prefer to not have it on their phones. Their question is that if there’s a way to manually remove the app from their device? Yes, there is a way to do it.  However, you have to remember that this is a system app. If you disable or try to uninstall it, there are KNOX features that will stop working as well.

What if there’s no way to remove it? You have to remember that the KLMS cannot just be disabled through the App Settings. Simply because this is a preinstalled app and to disable it,  you have to download the Package Disabler app. It can disable the built-n system apps that cannot be manually done.

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