The Different Types Of Ads On Facebook For Your Business


Social media is an excellent platform to advertise your business, and it can increase the awareness of your brand and increase sales. As with most advertising forms, there is a cost for this, so you will want to understand Facebook advertising before you jump in feet first. Below is some information on the different types of ads on Facebook to help you get started, which will help get your brand noticed and increase your online sales.

Video Ads

One of the most popular types of Facebooks ads is video, which can run in the news feed and stories section of the user`s Facebook page. Your video can show your brand, your products or services, and it is also an excellent way to engage your audience and build a connection with potential customers.

Image Ads

Another way to grab people’s attention using Facebook is image ads, which can be created simply and quickly and can have excellent results. Using images is a perfect way to showcase products and making an eye-catching image can have a massive impact on your advertising campaign’s success.

Carousel Ads

Using the carousel for your Facebook advertising allows you to have up to ten images and videos highlight your products and services. You can use this to highlight various products or the benefits of one product and telling a story with your images is an excellent way to engage users.

Instant Experience Ads

The instant experience ads that Facebook offers was formally known as Canvas, and these ads are in a full-screen format which loads very quickly. They can load up to fifteen times faster than external websites that are outside of Facebook.

Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are designed for mobile devices, and they make it simple for the user to get your contact details and get in touch with you. They are an excellent way to provide more information for potential customers, encourage contacting you, add subscribers to your newsletter, or for a free trial of your product or service.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are an excellent way to target potential customers that are most likely to require your products or services. If the user visits a product page on your site or abandons a shopping cart without finishing the transaction, these ads will appear on their feed. It is a way to remind the user and encourage them to complete a purchase, and they can generate an excellent return on investment.

There are other ways to advertise on Facebook, which can be lucrative for your business. You can find more information on the different forms of Facebook advertising by clicking here.

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