Why Social Media Can Be Important in Your Golden Years


Social media is described as a website and application that allows users from all over the world to create and share content or take part in social networking. A few of the top social media platforms across the globe are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. According to 2019 Pew Research data, 40% of seniors aged 65 years and older use some type of social media platform. There are many reasons why social media can be important in your golden years, which we will discuss below.

Access to educational resources

Social media is a great tool to help you continue your education and learning in almost any subject. Most businesses have social media accounts, so if there is a specific influencer or company you enjoy learning from, social media is one of the places you can go to follow them and stay up to date.

Seniors today enjoy learning from accounts that will help benefit themselves in the year to come. For example, many seniors enjoy following accounts that have helpful information regarding Medicare and retirement planning. If you find topics like Medicare confusing, utilize your educational resources to learn more!

Stay connected with family and friends

It’s common for social connections to weaken as we grow older. Life tends to get busy, and many can’t see their family and friends as often as they would like to. Social media helps mend social connections in the 21st century in many ways.

Social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to share pictures, videos, status updates, and more. When you share a new photo on your account, it will pop up on your Facebook friend’s news feed and vice versa. On most social media platforms, you can comment on a post and send someone a private message. Social media has opened that opportunity to stay connected with your friends at any time and any place.

Enhance mental health

Senior citizens experience many life changes in their Golden Years. From downsizing homes, losing family members, or developing a chronic illness, it’s no wonder seniors’ mental health declines as they grow older. Maintaining good mental health requires work, and many seniors have found that social media has helped enhance their mental health.

Seniors tend to feel isolated as they get older, which is why social connections are vital. Studies have found that when seniors use social media, they experience positive feelings when they engage with others online. Social media is an excellent outlet to help give you those feel-good feelings everyone deserves.

Gain new interests

With the amount of free time you likely have in retirement, having a hobby is a way to stay occupied and work on your passions. By staying entertained while working on something can challenge you and stimulate your brain. Social media is an easy way to gain new interests and hobbies in retirement.

Pinterest is a social media platform many people resort to for inspiration, recipes, and DIY projects. For example, if you are interested in becoming a baker, Pinterest has many different accounts you can follow that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started in the kitchen. If you want to learn how to make a festive wreath, visit Pinterest! The options are endless.

Social media is an easy way to help bring out your creative side and motivate you to think outside the box.


Social media sometimes has a bad reputation, but how you utilize your accounts depends on how it can benefit your life for the better! Social media can be important in your Golden Years for many reasons, so make your first account today and see how great it can be for you!

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