The Most Asked Questions of Laser Tag: Answered


Is Laser Tag safe?

Laser Tag is one of the safest outdoor games out there because it does not use projectiles that can injure people. Laser tag uses infrared beams as a substitute for firing bullets or other weapons, so no matter what happens, players won’t be harmed at all! Choose a safe arena like Laser Quest Singapore to ensure your safety.

How does Laser Tag work?

Laser Tag is a game where players wear vests that contain sensors, which allows people to play Laser Tag in an arena with many square areas.

– In Laser Tag, there are two teams: the red team and the blue team. Players on these teams start off near their own flag point at either end of the room or area they have chosen for Laser Tag.

– Laser guns are used to shoot at the other team’s “base” in order to capture it and make points for your own team. Laser Guns can only fire a maximum of three shots before you have to reload, which takes about five seconds. They do no damage on contact with an opponent; instead, they create a sensor-defined point of impact.

– Laser Tag guns can only fire a maximum of three shots before they have to be reloaded, which takes about five seconds; this is not damaging on contact with an opponent but rather creates a sensitised strike point.

What are the rules for Laser Tag games?

Laser Tag is a game of tag where participants wear vests fitted with infra-red emitting diodes that allow other Laser Tag players to locate and shoot them with laser beams. The objective of Laser Tag games differs from one location to another, but the most common are:

– To score points by tagging opponents or objects inside the Laser Tag arena.

– To eliminate all of the opponents or capture their flag by tagging them three times without being tagged back within a certain time limit. Laser Tag is played in both team and individual games, with most Laser Tag arenas favouring one over the other based on size.

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