Simulation Games: An ever growing Genre


Simulation games have been around as a genre of video games for decades now. Generations of people have lived virtual lives managing a simulated universe, town management, cafe world, etc, and all it’s ongoing.

Life simulations, sports, cafe games, or business; the genre of management simulation games has branches into various different fields of life.

Some classic examples of management simulators are :

  • The Sims: A life simulator
  • Flight Simulator: Aircraft and aviation
  • Football Manager: Management
  • Cafeland: Kitchen management gameThese examples don’t even scratch the surface of the management simulator genre. The rise in mobile gaming has breathed new life into the world of simulator games. Restaurant games, coffee shop games, hotel games and cafe management are just a few examples of how this genre has branched into many different places.MyCafe, Chef’s Quest, Star Chef and Star Chef 2 are names that instantly come to mind when talking about simulators. Traditional games like Farmville or Yoville covered a particular area of the whole genre. Games like Star Chef and other restaurant games bring the best of all those earlier games into one single package.

    Simulation Games offer us opportunities to handle and grow a personalized firm or a business and bring out the creativity of the player while doing so. Simulator games have always been popular due to various reasons like customization options, decision making, money management, business practices to name a few.

    Every simulation game comes with a ton of customization options. Manage the way your character looks and responds. Personalize your own restaurant or cafe or a hotel and turn them into your very own versions according to your choice of decor and colours of the walls and floors. Probably the biggest source of entertainment from such games comes from customization and the aim of fulfilling our vision of how our cafe or restaurant looks.

    Apart from these the process of managing money, running a business, investing in it, speculating to accumulate more; all these factors play a huge role in making these games one of the most enjoyable experiences out there. A simulator game lets us manage all these aspects in both a casual and a competitive environment. So both a casual gamer playing to pass his time and a competitive game looking for a challenge can find what they want in this genre.

    Thus to summarize, a management simulator offers:
    ✓ Personalization and Customization
    ✓ Casual and competitive experience
    ✓ A blend of sub-genres like farming, business, restaurant management, etc
    ✓ Challenging situations to overcome
    ✓ The thrill of owning and having control of your virtual world

    The versatility of this genre and the capacity to improve to various lengths has led to the evergreen popularity of simulation games. Restaurant management games, cafe games, life sims, or any other simulator; all can evolve and expand and thus will keep doing so and maintain their popularity among the masses. Mobile platforms are perfect for such games and thus the accessibility to such games is always going to be an easy process.

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