Tips regarding Instagram that you should know


Nowadays, Instagram has become favorite network on social media which has made the business where people buy Instagram followers to be rampant, with everyone in business struggling to have as many followers as they can. Its popularity has made it to be a main platform for opportunities of marketing.

You can consider the fact that about 80% of the users on Instagram have purchased something based on something which they discovered on the platform. To add to that, you cannot just use Instagram in a casual manner because about 60% of the active users on the site visit Instagram daily to do one thing or the other

But for those that has never utilized the platform before or those that you want to take usage to another lever. Instagram has tricks which are lesser known, hacks, settings, search options, and comment features you need to know about.

Whether you are a recruiter who is out to showcase your culture company, a marketer in the industry of ecommerce, or an individual who is just looking to utilize Instagram in the best way, the features and tips are here.

Get notifications whenever someone favorite posts

If you don’t want to miss on a post on Instagram from your favorite influencer again, you can decide to choose to get a notification every time a certain user posts a new photo. All you will need to have is to turn on the notifications for each user individually.

Turn the notifications on. Visit the profile of the user, click the three dots which you will find in the upper corner of the right hand of the post, click on the notifications from your menu and to toggle finally on notifications for either stories or posts form the menu which appears.

Want to turn off the post notifications? What you need to do to follow the same procedure. It is necessary to note that you have to enable notifications from the app of Instagram in the setting of the phone by doing the following:

  • To allow the iPad/iPhone notifications, you will need to go to the settings, then head to the notification tab, from there, you will need to choose Instagram and turn the setting to allow the notifications.
  • On android, if you want to allow notifications, you will have to go to settings, then pick on Apps and then Instagram. Select the options for showing notifications. 

Adding to your bio special fonts

A hack for Instagram bio which can make your profile truly to stand out by having to add emojis to the bio below the profile photo but that is what your creativity will be limited to and it will be hard for you to add anything more.

By using certain basic websites third-party, you can copy over some extra special fonts not often gotten in the Instagram community. It can be done differently depending on what you are trying to add special font to your bio through the mobile.

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